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Fallout 4 Far Harbor Shipbreaker: How to Find and Kill the Secret Boss


Fallout 4 Far Harbor Shipbreaker: How to Find and Kill the Secret Boss

Thar She Blows!

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In the murky depths of Fallout 4’s latest DLC there are a multitude of new sea creatures ready to absolutely ruin your life. Anglers, Gulpers, Fog Crawlers and more have been added to the game, who pose serious threats to you (and your companion’s) livelihoods.

There is one quest in the game, an un-marked endeavor that lets you fight a super-charged creature unlike any other in the DLC. Here’s how to track down and fight the legendary Shipbreaker.

After beating Turn Back The Fog, one of the many quests where you have to help the townspeople of Far Harbor, travel to one of the liberated settlements  that you’ve cleared. Mine triggered at the Echo Lake Lumber Mill, but there have been reports of the quest starting in many different places, and sometimes after completing different quests. I’d recommend being over half-way through the DLC before trying to get it to trigger, but don’t fret if it doesn’t appear! You may simply have to do more of the main game before you can take him on.


A radio frequency will appear, and you’ll have to use it to track the creature’s movements. Find your way through the fog, inevitably encountering a bunch of nasty creatures, and you’ll find a huge unique Fog Crawler called Shipbreaker. He’s a lucid green color, and is covered in ship parts. You’ll know it when you see it, and you’ll definitely feel it. This guy is tough, and easily the nastiest creature in the DLC. Suit up in your best armor and bring a friend, because this will be a long battle.

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