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Salt and Sanctuary: How to Leave Messages

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Salt and Sanctuary: How to Leave Messages

It’s like if Twitter lived in bottles on the ground.

Salt and Sanctuary faithfully follows the model that the Souls series laid out back in 2009, right down the game’s messaging system. It’s a system that I’ve always loved, and one of the first things that caught my eye about Salt and Sanctuary when it came out earlier this year.

The messaging system allows any player to leave a bottle on the ground containing a note. These notes are often used to warn players of impending danger, point out a hidden wall or room, or trick you into jumping off a cliff that you definitely should not jump off of.

All of this is done through an item called the Jurney Bottle, and item you can get early on that allows the player to leave a message on the ground whenever they please. The Jurney Bottle can be found near the first area of the game sitting on a ledge near a glowing wall. After you find it, you’re all set to start leaving notes for anyone to find! Whether you use your new message powers for good or for evil, however, is up to you.


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