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Could This Be Watch Dogs 2’s Protagonist?


Could This Be Watch Dogs 2’s Protagonist?

Bringing back the bandana.

An image of what could perhaps be Watch Dogs 2’s protagonist appeared briefly on Instagram and was screenshotted and released by NerdLeaks.

A motion capture actor who goes by the username thekingcort, posted the image below with a caption that read, “Had a blast doing motion capture work as lead character in a new video game series! =) #actor #motioncapture #videogames #ps4 #xbox #art #work #comingsoon #WatchDogs 2”


The post has since been removed and the Instagram account privated, but among the hashtags, it suggests that this is at least concept art of the protagonist for the sequel of Watch Dogs. The image suggests that the franchise is moving away from the ill-received protagonist of the first game, Aiden Pearce, while keeping the bandana and blank hat that seem to be standard issue for hackers across the Watch Dogs universe.

Ubisoft revealed via an investor press release in February that the sequel to Watch Dogs would be released before March 2017. Kotaku reported in January that the series would leave Chicago and move out west to San Francisco.

No official images or trailers for Watch Dogs 2 have been released and outside of the investor press release, the game has yet to be publicly announced. As always, we will keep you posted with any new developments and announcements from Ubisoft.

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