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Rocket League’s “Quick Chat” Is Getting More Options Next Month


Rocket League’s “Quick Chat” Is Getting More Options Next Month


Psyonix Studios, the development team behind Rocket League, has announced that the “quick chat” function commonly used by players will be getting updated. There will be 27 more options added which can be accessed by going into the chat menu, where players can pre-select which phrases they want to use.

Rocket League New Chat

Some of the options include phrases like “All yours” and “Whew.” There are also some new ways to say good game with “GG” being added in and other additions such as “That was fun!”

“‘Quick Chats’ like those have been an essential part of Rocket League since we first launched,” stated the social media manager for Psyonix Studios, Kyle Lemmon.

It was also mentioned that starting this week and throughout June there will be a series of blog posts letting fans know what else is planned for the update in June. They have not stated when the June update will happen, nor whether or not it will involve cross-platform play.  They also stated that they will be previewing multiple items throughout these blog posts but nothing about what those could be. The last update for Rocket League had released a new basketball mode back in April which released a whole day early.


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