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3 Reasons Not to Give Up on The Division Just Yet


3 Reasons Not to Give Up on The Division Just Yet

Just give it a chance.

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With all of the problems that The Division is facing, it’s no surprise that part of its player base may be considering moving on. It’s a tough time for Ubisoft Massive. Their large, ambitious game managed to impress during release, but as time moves on, it’s becoming difficult to stick around.

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But, even though things aren’t as great, you may want to stick around, at least for a bit longer. Ubisoft Massive is not trying to let its new game die. A lot of work went into bringing it to life, and it’s clear that they see a lot will be needed to keep it alive. Situations like that normally spell good news for the players involved.

If you’re looking for something to make you believe it, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t give up on The Division just yet.

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