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Razer Turret Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review

razer turret


Razer Turret Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review

Keyboard comfort on your couch.

PC gaming has been trying to make its way into the living room for some time now. Steam Machines are offering much more of a console experience while still holding onto the perks of PC gaming, but there are still strides to be made to make it a viable option. This is particularly true when you look at it from the stance of someone who prefers a mouse and keyboard. The Razer Turret may very well be the largest step in the right direction.

Playing in the living room is a big deal as it usually means having the ability to lounge around. For those who prefer mouse and keyboard, this can be a huge hassle. Sitting in the living room, only to have to bring in some sort of makeshift desk defeats the purpose of comfort. You may as well stay wherever you have your computer located. Even if you did make the sacrifice of trying to make it work on the couch, using a mouse ends up being incredibly awkward.

The Razer Turret is designed to sit on your lap. It’s sturdy and lightweight, but it doesn’t sacrifice on the quality fans have come to expect from Razer. The keys use scissor switches, meaning you get a nice click and not that mushy response you can sometimes get from cheaper keyboards. This, when combined with the anti-ghosting, provide responsive gaming that never feels second rate. Sitting on the couch while streaming Hyper Light Drifter to my television felt no different from when I was sitting at my desk in my office. Not once did I feel as if I was missing something by not using my dedicated setup.

What makes the Turret much more of a boon, however, isn’t its keyboard, but rather the magnetic mouse and pad. Moving your legs is something that happens during long gaming sessions. That, of course, presents a risk for anything on your lap. Just one small twitch could potentially send your mouse skating across the floor as you struggle to pick it back up. The magnetic pad, situated right at the end of your keyboard, is strong enough to prevent any mishaps, but not so powerful that you find yourself struggling to lift your mouse and play as you would at your desk.

razer turret

The mouse itself is definitely impressive. Gamers are able to connect to their device using Bluetooth or through an included 2.4 GHz adapter. Using the adapter led to a smooth connection with almost no latency. It worked well on Bluetooth, as well, although I would definitely say use the adapter if you can as it was a noticeably stronger connection. The 3,500 DPI laser sensor provided a lot of accuracy, as well. It was nice that the bundle included a solid gaming mouse rather than something a little more flimsy, and it definitely helped with the overall experience.

With the Razer Turret being wireless, I was initially concerned about battery life. I tend to prefer longer gaming sessions, so I was pleased to see that the Turret could definitely keep up. The keyboard supposedly has a four month battery life, something I wasn’t able to test with it being new, but the mouse’s longevity was definitely up for scrutiny. It boasts 40 hours of continuous use, and it came damn close to that, meaning you’ll never have to worry about it dying in the middle of a session (unless your session lasts more than a day and a half, and you forget to charge it). When it does come time to charge the device, the bundled dock allows you to fold the keyboard, and sit the mouse neatly in front of it. It fit in perfectly with my entertainment system, standing right next to my PlayStation 4 and never looking out of place.

I did have one issue with the Razer Turret, however, although it wasn’t a large one. The keyboard isn’t back-lit. For many this will be a non-issue, but if you’re like me and struggle sometimes with your hands, then the lack of light while you’re relaxing in your living room or on your bed may prove to be an issue. It wasn’t a deal breaker in any way, but it is something to consider.

All in all, Razer set out to deliver a keyboard and mouse combo that was comfortable to use on your lap. They managed to do that and make it of high quality, as well. If you’ve been considering moving your PC gaming to the living room but have been worried about comfort with your preferred method of play, the Razer Turret is one damn solid option worthy of your consideration. The sleek look, comfortable weight, and gaming focused functionality made for a great experience.

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