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Pre-Ordering Battlefield 1 Early Enlister Gets You In Three Days Early


Pre-Ordering Battlefield 1 Early Enlister Gets You In Three Days Early

It’s safe to say that when Battlefield 1 was revealed yesterday, the gaming crowd on the Internet went collectively bonkers. From the naming convention to the pricey collector’s edition, we’re also gobbling up all the juicy detail on the anticipated title.

If October 21 just can’t get close enough for you… you can actually secure a three-day head start if you pick up an “Early Enlister” edition (or the aforementioned Collector’s Edition). In these marked-up editions, in particularly the Early Enlister Deluxe, you’ll receive a three-day early access head start on Battlefield 1 during October 18, 2016. Also included are two DLC packs and 5 Battlepacks (for multiplayer). The attach comparison chart below succinctly compares the differences.

If you’re completely new to the franchise because you’ve been over the aisle in COD land and are wondering what all the fuss is about, EA is taking advantage of the buzz by discount past Battlefield titles on  Origin for the PC platform. We’ve listed the top pick deals below.

Battlefield 1 Pre-Order

Battlefield 4 Origin Deals

Battlefield Hardline Deals

Note that gamers on the Xbox One may have early access if they’re part of the EA Access subscription too, though details on how early is light thus far- we suspect it’ll be the same October 18 date as the various platform’s Early Enlister editions.

Battlefield 4 and Battlefield: Hardline deals above will expire next week May 11 at around 10am Pacific. Battlefield 1 will be released later this year on October 21 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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