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Pillars of Eternity II is In Development, Obsidian Confirms

Pillars of Eternity, PC, limited edition, digital game

Pillars of Eternity II is In Development, Obsidian Confirms

More Eternity awaits.

In 2015, Obsidian released their crowdfunded game Pillars of Eternity for the PC, to immense critical acclaim and success. If you were hoping that it’d be getting a sequel, you’re luck, because it’s in development.

During the Digital Dragons Conference this past weekend in Krakow, Obsidian CEO Feagus Urquhart said that the studio considered crowdfunding their upcoming game Tyranny, but while they decided against that, that will change for Pillars II, and gave some insight into what else they’re working on:

“Obviously, as you’ve probably guessed, we’re starting to move forward on [Pillars of] Eternity II. That is probably something that we want to look at [in terms of crowdfunding]. I think people felt like we delivered on our promise, and then that felt like we could go with Eternity II and people would support us again, because they trust us.”

Of course, Urquahrt didn’t give any more info, such as when we’ll see gameplay of Pillars of Eternity II, but at least we know it’s coming! Hopefully sometime in the very near future.

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