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Overwatch Tips: How to Play as Zarya


Overwatch Tips: How to Play as Zarya

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Zarya in Overwatch

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Looking to play a tank that can take damage and deal it too? Look no further, Zarya is your hero of choice!

As the weakest tank in Overwatch, Zarya can be a tricky character for new players to control. At the beginning of the match, her damage dealing is next to nothing, but where she shines early on is her Particle Barriers.

The trick is to goad your enemies into attacking you or your teammates while you have your Particle Barrier up. Not only do you defend yourself from damage while also dealing damage of your own, you also increase the strength of your cannon! The more damage you absorb, the more damage you deal, making Zarya a formidable character the longer you manage to stay alive. So medics, take note! Heal your Zarya!

Keep in mind, Zarya’s Particle Cannon has a short range, so it’s important to stay close and keep that barrier on. But, as is the case with fast enemies, they somehow find a way to dash around corners safe from your cannon. Luckily, the Particle Cannon has a secondary fire that acts as a grenade launcher of sorts, great for dealing splash damage to multiple enemies. Suspect someones in a room you have yet to enter? Light it up with a Gravity Charge and force them out.

Zarya’s ultimate is one of the most useful ultimates in the game. She launches a gravity bomb that upon detonation, forces surrounding enemies to be drawn to it, trapping them for the duration of the ultimate and dealing damage the entire time. Take this opportunity to light up your enemies with your powered up Particle Cannon and charges. This ultimate also pairs well with Reaper or Pharah’s ultimate, making it easy to get a team kill.

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