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Overwatch Open Beta Infographic Reveals Some Crazy Stats

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Overwatch Open Beta Infographic Reveals Some Crazy Stats

That’s a lot of world-saving.

There really isn’t long left until Overwatch arrives. To help ease the wait, Blizzard has released an official infographic full of statistics from the recent open beta.

As has been reported before, the beta saw a colossal 9.7 million players over 190 countries worldwide across PC, PS4 and Xbox One. 4.9 billion minutes of the game were played, which equates to 9,380 years worth of Overwatch. Overall, almost 38 million matches were completed.

The average match lengths found the Control game type to be the longest, clocking in at an average of nine minutes, while Assault was the shortest at six minutes.

The most picked heroes per class reveal that Soldier: 76 was the most picked offense hero. Widowmaker was the most picked defense hero, while Reinhardt was the winner out of the tank class. Meanwhile, Mercy was the support hero chosen the most. One of the best things about Overwatch is the ability to swap your chosen hero on the fly – this was done 271 million times throughout the open beta.

Players who hate Bastion will be pleased to know that 326 million Bastions were destroyed in the beta too!

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