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Overwatch: How to Check Stats


Overwatch: How to Check Stats

Overwatch, like most shooters, can make players absolutely obsessed with stats. How good you’re doing, or how much worse you’ve become, is something you just have to know sometimes. It’s all about the bragging rights, or adjusting the way you’ll play. Of course, you’ll need to know how to check your stats if you’re ever gonna boast about them.

There are two types of stats of course. There’s those in the game, ones you can check during a match or outside of one. Then there are those that you can check outside of Overwatch to give you your overall performance, or the performance of others.

Checking Stats In-Game


If you’re in the middle of a match in Overwatch, checking your stats is as simple as one button press. Hit the touchpad on PlayStation 4, the View Button (the one with the two windows on it) on the Xbox One, or Tab on the PC to quickly bring up a screen showing the teams and how you’re currently doing (Objective Time, Eliminations, Assists, etc.).

Checking your overall stats can be done easily through the main menu. Just access your profile and you’ll be able to get an overview of how you’ve done with each individual hero in the game, including how long you’ve played with them. It’s a good way to see who you lean towards more, who you do better with, and what roles could probably use some practice in. 

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