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Overwatch Competitive Mode Will Probably Be Added in June, Says Game Director

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Overwatch Competitive Mode Will Probably Be Added in June, Says Game Director

Find out when you can get competitive in Overwatch

Today is Overwatch launch day, and Game Director Jeff Kaplan went live on Facebook to answer community questions about the game’s past and future. The Q&A covered Overwatch’s origins in Project Titan, how it eventually became a game unto itself, and the incoming Competitive Mode.

“A lot has changed,” Kaplan said when asked about Competitive Mode and where it’s been since beta. “Competitive Mode is the current focus of the Overwatch team, and it’s the most important thing for us to add to the game right now.”He confirmed that feedback from the closed beta had convinced the team to rethink Competitive Mode prior to launch, and said it would be the first major content update for the game. Kaplan said he could not give an exact date, but that “my rough commitment – or not commitment – would be sometime towards the end of June, middle to end of June.”

Kaplan followed by answering a request for solo mode, speaking about Blizzard’s passion for and history with campaigns, but noting that it is still very far off if possible at all. Speaking on Overwatch’s lore, Kaplan confirmed “Hero” was the end of Season One of the Animated Shorts, and that there would be more Animated Shorts and comics, as well as “more and new ideas” for the game’s storytelling.

Addressing balancing, Kaplan noted that players initially have common problems like Bastion, but that after they had played a bit and learned their counters, things would change. He said that by examining player feedback, the team’s own experience in-game, and game statistics, they could address game balance continually. He further noted that balancing the game on PC and console was completely different. He particularly mentioned the balance difficulty on console caused by aim assist (which doesn’t exist in the PC version) in relation to Symmetra‘s turrets.

You can check out the full Developer Update here.

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This post was originally written by Oisin Kilkenny-Fletcher.

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