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One Piece: Burning Blood – How to Get All Trophies

One Piece, Burning Blood

One Piece: Burning Blood – How to Get All Trophies

Time to start earning some recognition.

One Piece: Burning Blood puts players in control of the strongest pirates and marines to ever grace the popular manga and anime series. As players duke it out through the story or against other players, they’ll be able to earn 50 trophies which includes one Platinum, one Gold, 16 Silvers, and 32 Bronze.

Here are all of the trophies that can be viewed immediately as you embark on your quest to become King of the Pirates:

  • ONE PIECE BURNING BLOOD (Platinum): Obtain all trophies.
  • Paramount War Begins (Bronze): Complete a Paramount War chapter.
  • I’m Gonna Beat Them All! (Bronze): Complete a Special Wanted Poster in WANTED Versus.
  • We’re Friends! (Bronze): Unlock over half of the battle characters.
  • The Legend Begins (Bronze): Fight an Online Ranked Match.
  • Dive! Full Speed! (Bronze): Fight an Online Player Match.
  • Be My Ally! (Bronze): Unlock a battle character.
  • Pirate Dispatch Initiated (Bronze): Unlock your first support character.
  • First Title (Bronze): Earn a title.
  • First Emblem (Bronze): Earn an emblem.
  • I Can Get Stronger (Bronze): Reach level 5 with any battle character.
  • I Smell Adventure! (Bronze): Unlock all modes.
  • Help Me… (Bronze):  Call out your first support character.
  • I Want to Be Stronger! (Bronze): Level up a battle character.
  • Bang! (Bronze): Perform a Grand Impact for the first time.
  • All the World Is a Test (Bronze): Perform a total of at least 10 Unity Chains.
  • Beacon of Return Fire (Bronze): Perform a total of at least 10 Unity Assists.
  • Our Chance is Over (Bronze): Perform a total of at least 5 Unity Clashes.
  • See You on the High Seas (Bronze): Perform a total of at least 30 Ultimate Attacks.
  • Perfect Harmony? Cats & Dogs? (Bronze): View 50 different appeal events.
  • Where Would You Like to Go? (Bronze): Complete a battle in every stage.
  • Battle Master (Bronze): Use at least 30 battle characters.
  • Support Master (Bronze): Use at least 30 support characters.
  • The Will to Inherit (Bronze): Swapped with partner at least 100 times.
  • Square Sister Favorites (Silver): Complete 50 Wanted Posters on the Wanted list in WANTED Versus.
  • Pirate Recruiter (Silver): Unlock over half of the support characters.
  • I’ve Got Allies! (Silver): Unlock all battle characters.
  • Buggy Expert (Silver): Unlock all support characters.
  • Keyword Mania (Silver): Add 100 entries to the Keyword Log (must view them in your Collection).
  • What Lies Beyond Strength (Silver): Max out a battle character.
  • I’m Gonna Surpass You! (Silver): Defeat at least 100 opponents.
  • Beli Grubber (Silver): Earn at least 100,000,000 Beli.

18 of the trophies are hidden, making them difficult to unlock. But don’t you worry, we’ve uncovered the tasks necessary to earn you all of the trophies in the game.

Hidden Trophies

  • Marry Me! (Bronze): Complete a poster in the Wanted List “Bride’s Training” in WANTED Versus.
  • Shocking! (Bronze): Complete a poster in the Wanted List “Mermaid’s Surprise” in WANTED Versus.
  • Just Do as You Like (Bronze): Complete a poster in the Wanted List “brave Brigands” in WANTED Versus.
  • I will Become an Admiral! (Bronze): Complete a poster in the Wanted List “Aiming for Admiral” in WANTED Versus.
  • Are You Happy? (Bronze): Complete a poster in the Wanted List “Secret of Youth” in WANTED Versus.
  • Aye Aye, Captain! (Bronze): Complete a poster in the Wanted List “The Iron Captain” in WANTED Versus.
  • Strong, Proud, and Beautiful! (Bronze): Complete a poster in the Wanted List “Beauty is Strength” in WANTED Versus.
  • This Is the Beginning! (Bronze): Complete a poster in Rayleight’s Training “Basic Training” in WANTED Versus.
  • Strength Lies in Self-Confidence! (Bronze): Complete a poster in Rayleight’s Training “New World Training” in WANTED Versus.
  • I’m Your Younger Brother! (Silver): Clear the Paramount War Episode “Luffy.”
  • My Son May Be Stupid… (Silver): Clear the Paramount War Episode “Whitebeard.”
  • Never Forgive These Pirates! (Silver): Clear the Paramount War Episode “Akainu.”
  • Thanks for the Love! (Silver): Clear the Paramount War Episode “Ace.”
  • Seconds! I Want Seconds! (Silver): Complete a poster in the Wanted List “Big Eaters” in WANTED Versus.
  • Don’t Catch Cold! (Silver): Complete a poster in the Wanted List “After Meal Workout” in WANTED Versus.
  • Will You Call Me Friend Again? (Silver): Complete a poster in the Wanted List “A Queen’s Request” in WANTED Versus.
  • Go All the Way to the Top! (Silver): Complete a poster in Rayleigh’s Training “Pirate King Training” in WANTED Versus.
  • Dawn of a New Era (Gold): Complete all Paramount War Chapters.


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