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Nintendo Expects to Sell NX at a Profit

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Nintendo Expects to Sell NX at a Profit

This is reliant on keeping production costs low.

Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima recently spoke at a Q&A session with reporters, where he revealed that the company expects to sell the NX at a profit, although this is reliant on a few factors.

Kimishima was asked about the cost of the NX in relation to Nintendo’s financial performance over the next fiscal year. “We are not thinking about launching the hardware at a loss,” the Nintendo President replied. “When Wii U was launched, the Yen was very strong. I am assuming that situation will not repeat itself.”

“Selling at a loss would not support the business, so we are keeping that in mind developing NX,” Kimishima concluded. Nintendo’s President is therefore banking on keeping the development cost of the NX within reason, as well as relying on a certain performance from the Yen.

In the same question, Kimishima was also asked whether he could promise that the NX would launch with a solid lineup of games. “You are correct about needing a solid lineup of software,” he replied. “One of the reasons for choosing the launch timing that we did is so that the software lineup will be ready in time for the hardware launch.”

“Not only at launch, but we also need to be able to continuously release titles after launch. We are planning for this to be a platform that consumers can enjoy for a long time,” the President of Nintendo concluded.

As revealed earlier last month, the company is expecting to launch the NX console around March 2017, and will not be showcasing it during E3 2016.

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