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New Pikachu and Eevee 3DS XL Covers Revealed


New Pikachu and Eevee 3DS XL Covers Revealed

No Western release date yet.

Hot on the heels of the recent reveal of the Gen 7 starters, two brand new Pokemon-themed Nintendo 3DS XL covers have been announced. NintendoTweet.

Pikachu 3DS Cover eevee 3DS cover eevee 3DS cover Pikachu 3DS Cover

The two new 3DS XL covers will feature a yellow and white Pikachu cover as well as a pink and brown Eevee cover, which would suit the recently revealed pink 3DS XL model quick nicely. The two themes will be released on June 9, but unfortunately at the time of writing, neither of these themes have been announced for Western release yet.

In other Pokemon news, Pokemon fan Piquipauparro recently created a plush of the Sun and Moon starter Rowlet. The plush itself stands barely at 4.5″.

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