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New 3DS XL Gets Two New Pretty Colors in Japan

New Nintendo 3DS colors

New 3DS XL Gets Two New Pretty Colors in Japan

Too pretty for me.

First it was the turquoise/orange and black variants of the original 3DS, and now this. It sure does seem like Japan always gets dibs on all the pretty colors for Nintendo’s successful handheld console. Nintendo has just announced that the New 3DS XL will be getting two new lovely color variations in Japan – they are Lime Green x Black, and Pink x White.

You can check out the gorgeous colors over at Nintendo’s website. Both colored versions of the New 3DS XL will be made available on June 9 in Japan, and will be sold at 20,304 yen each.

Unfortunately, the 3DS is region-locked, so us English speakers won’t be able to simply import one of these models and hope to play our English games on them. Well, I guess just looking is free. We’ll keep you updated, just in case Nintendo surprises us with an announcement that all these great colors will be coming over to North America as well. Will you be picking up one of these new color variations? Let us know in the comments down below.

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