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Minecraft: How to Make Potions

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Minecraft: How to Make Potions

Where’s Snape? We need him.

Potions are a good way to alter your abilities while playing Minecraft. They can grant you extra strength, health regeneration, speed, and more, but you’ll have to brew them first. This requires a few ingredients, and a brewing stand. To get started, make sure to build one at your crafting table. You’ll need 3 Cobblestone and 1 Blaze Rod, and you’ll have to pace them on the grid as pictured below:


Once you have one you’ll now need Water Bottles, Blaze Powder, and and certain ingredients to help you create a potion. All potions start with a base potion which is made by adding either Nether Wart, Glowstone Dust, Redstone, or Fermented Spider Eye. For anything useful, you’ll want to stick to Nether Wart.

You’ll want to place your water bottles into the brewing station and then insert your ingredient (Nether Wart) into the top to create a potion base. This can then be further brewed with another ingredient to produce a desired effect.


Below you’ll find some ingredients that you can add into the potions you just made to give it an actual effect since it will have none considering it is a base potion:

  • Blaze Powder – Strength
  • Ghast Tear – Health Regeneration
  • Glistering Melon – Instant Health
  • Golden Carrot – Night Vision
  • Magma Cream – Fire Resistance
  • Pufferfish – Breathe Under Water
  • Rabbit’s Foot – Jumping
  • Spider Eye – Poison
  • Sugar – Speed

You can brew your Potions even more by adding modifiers which can effect how long they last or how potent they are:

  • Dragon’s Breath – Lingering
  • Fermented Spider Eye – Corruption (opposite effect of potion)
  • Glowstone Dust – Increase Level
  • Gunpowder – Splash (covers area)
  • Redstone – Lasts longer


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