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Minecraft: How to Get to The End

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Minecraft: How to Get to The End

There is actually an endgame to Minecraft. It’s relatively new, made late in Minecraft’s life, but it provides a close to the previously endless adventure for those who want it. Players will have to reach an area called “The End” and defeat an Enderdragon. This guide will help you get to that new area.

You’ll need a few things:

  • Diamond Pickaxe
  • Nether Portal
  • 6x Blaze Sticks
  • 12x Enderpearls
  • Eye of Ender

Use the Diamond Pickaxe to mine for Obsidian. You’ll need this particular rock to create your Nether Portal. Now build a 5×4 rectangle that will serve as your doorway to the Nether using that Obsidian. With Flint and Steel, light the inside of that rectangle on fire and you’ll create a fully operational Nether Portal. Jump through.

Once inside this new area, which might just be Minecraft’s version of Hell, you’re going to need to seek out a huge castle of sorts, it’s made of Nether Brick (a reddish brown resource). Inside are a bunch of Blazes that you need to kill in order to get your Blaze Sticks. Be careful, and don’t let them get too close to you or else you’ll find yourself dead. Once you have your six Blaze Sticks it’s time for the tougher part, getting Enderpearls.

Now you’re going to have to hunt some Enderman, who randomly drop Enderpearls meaning this may take a while. While Endermen seem impossible to kill, they’re actually quite easy. Just don’t look in their eyes and attack their feet. Wearing a pumpkin on your head helps a lot as well. You’ll need 12 Enderpearls to activate the portal to “The End”  but you’ll want to get a few more in order to actually find the portal. So try to get about 15 or so, more if you don’t mind the grind.

Use the Blaze Sticks to create Blaze Powder, then combine one Blaze Powder with one Ender Pearl. This will create an Eye of Ender. Keep making them until you run out of materials. Now use one, doing so will cause the Eye of Ender to fly and lead you towards the End Portal. On console, these sometimes lead you to the nearest stronghold instead. If that happens, just use another Eye of Ender to lead you on.

Now place 12 Eyes of Ender into the portal and there you go. You’re now able to enter “The End.”

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