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Mighty No. 9’s New Masterclass Trailer Showcases A Lot of Dashing

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Mighty No. 9’s New Masterclass Trailer Showcases A Lot of Dashing

Now with more cheesy narration!

In anticipation for it’s release next month, a new Mighty No.9 trailer named Masterclass is out today demonstrating a lot of gameplay. Although much of the trailer is comprised of bad narration and the many ways the main character, Beck, can dash about, it also gives us a very good look at what the final version of the game should look like. Mighty No. 9’s development is led by Keiji Inafune, the man behind Mega Man, and as expected, much of it seems to be influenced by it’s ancestor. Complete with fast 2D platforming, a buster cannon that fires yellow pellets, and the ability to steal your enemies’ powers, Mighty No. 9 definitely shows off its lineage. Check out the trailer below to see how the game is shaping up.

Between constant delays and negative feedback over previous playable versions of the game, Mighty No. 9 hasn’t seen the smoothest development. Hopefully this trailer will be able to bring some much needed positive attention to Mighty No. 9 which thus far has been pretty sparse. Mighty No. 9 is published by Deep Silver and is set to release on June 21st for all platforms. Pre-ordering yourself a copy will guarantee you the “Retro Hero” DLC complete with a new retro look and 8-bit sound effects for Beck as well as an “insta-death mode” where one hit will result in death. Let’s all hope it doesn’t see any more delays, we’re not sure the game could take it.

Does this get you excited for Mighty No. 9? Leave a comment and let us know!


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