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Homefront: The Revolution’s Character Creation is Pretty Bad


Homefront: The Revolution’s Character Creation is Pretty Bad


When The Division launched back in March, I mocked it for having an incredibly underwhelming character creation. That game had maybe five different haircuts for eight preset faces, and the lack of options was rather disappointing. As it turns out, the character creation for the online multiplayer portion of Homefront: The Revolution is even worse than The Division’s.

When you launch Resistance mode, which is the co-op multiplayer mode in Homefront: The Revolution, you get to create your character. First, you have to choose either a male or female character. After that, you get to pick from a selection of ten premade characters available for each gender. It certainly doesn’t help that none of these character models are even remotely appealing. Below are some of the options available for the male characters…

Homefront®_ The Revolution_20160517145950

Homefront®_ The Revolution_20160517145957

Homefront®_ The Revolution_20160517150004

Homefront®_ The Revolution_20160517150013

The females don’t look great either. In fact, they look pretty terrible. Take a look for yourself.

Homefront®_ The Revolution_20160517150045

Homefront®_ The Revolution_20160517150036

Homefront®_ The Revolution_20160517150021

It’s so baffling that all of these characters seem to have been designed specifically to look unappealing. I appreciate being able to play as old, wizened men and women, but I suspect most players would want to play as more attractive-looking characters as well. What’s worse is that you’re not even allowed to customize your characters’ faces and features. You do get to change their clothes, but not until you’ve unlocked outfits by first playing Resistance mode.

Sure, The Division didn’t allow you to personally customize your characters either, but at least they had more options.

Did you pick up Homefront: The Revolution? Let us know your thoughts on the game in the comments down below.

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