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Homefront: The Revolution – How to Start Co-op


Homefront: The Revolution – How to Start Co-op

Play with all the friends.

Homefront: The Revolution has a pretty lengthy single-player campaign. It also has a co-op mode, called the Resistance mode, where you can team up with three of your friends and tackle missions that are separate from the main campaign. Resistance mode has its own progression system, complete with unique rewards.

If you bought the game digitally, launching it right after pre-loading will not grant you access to the online multiplayer co-op mode immediately. The Resistance mode still has to be downloaded and installed on your system before you can start playing online. From your main menu, simply select the ‘Resistance mode’ option and the game will indicate how much more has to be installed before you can play it.

Once the download and installation process has been completed, you can launch Resistance mode. The game will then bring you to the character customization screen where you can create your character. You’ll also have options to customize your gear, outfits, and weapons, though it should be noted that most of these customization items will only be unlocked by progressing in Resistance mode.

Did you pick up Homefront: The Revolution and have you checked out the co-op mode yet? Let us know in the comments down below.

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