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Hideo Kojima Won’t Hire More Than 100 People for His New Studio

Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima Won’t Hire More Than 100 People for His New Studio

Small but efficient.

Hideo Kojima has revealed in an interview that he plans to keep his new studio, Kojima Productions, relatively small by not hiring more than 100 employees.

During a recent interview with Gamereactor, Kojima stated that he wants to keep his studio small but efficient.

“I’m aiming to keep the staff less than 100 people,” he said, before adding: “I am searching for technology and at the same time hiring new people, and visiting the (…) studio to get inspiration about what kind of studio I want to make/create.”

Kojima has been visiting various other studios for inspiration, and joked about how important a well stocked kitchen is.

“I’ve found that at any studio the kitchen is very important… I saw at DICE in Stockholm they had 40 microwaves, and also there’s so many coffee makers, and I understood that that is very important.”

Kojima went on to reveal that work on the Metal Gear series consisted of over 200 people. Kojima stated that he feels a smaller studio is easier to manage and allows for better communication.

Hideo Kojima is currently working on a new, as yet untitled, game. Art for the game has been revealed and shows a futuristic looking figure dressed in some kind of cybernetic armor. Whatever Kojima is working on, we look forward to learning more about it.

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