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Hideo Kojima Provides Some Cryptic Information About His New IP

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Hideo Kojima Provides Some Cryptic Information About His New IP

Kept you waiting, Huh?

Thanks to an interview with Weekly Famitsu, we finally have some more information about Hideo Kojima’s much anticipated new title. This will be his first game since his departure from Konami and the legendary Metal Gear Solid series.

He has since partnered directly with Sony, setting up his own company dedicated to channelling his vision, Kojima Productions.

Up to this point, the only hint we’ve been given is an obscure logo featuring a human skull inside a knight helmet.

In the interview Kojima commented on the image..

“There is a secret to the logo… It has a very cool body, and we even have plans to turn it into a figure”

Perhaps we’re missing something?

Further, he talked about the game in general, stating that it will be “everything at once, the plot, characters and game systems” and that “users who enjoy today’s AAA games”(using examples like The Division/Uncharted) “will be able to easily enjoy it”

He also downplayed the game, saying that when you first see it announced, it may not look “outstanding”. “But you’ll understand when you see and play it. The genre is action”

He also mentioned VR, stating that he thinks it “holds the key to game development”, but they don’t have anyone right now to make it a reality. Hopefully Kojima will be able to include VR in other Kojima Productions titles.

Maybe Kojima is focusing on creating an in-depth, quality-controlled game instead of flashy visuals to win the crowd. I’m sure we’ll find out a lot more at this year’s E3, where we’ll hopefully see some gameplay, and get an explanation behind the cryptic logo.


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