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Here’s How to Counter Every Overwatch Character


Here’s How to Counter Every Overwatch Character

Every hero has a weakness.



  • Widowmaker can snipe him very easily because of Zenyatta’s poor mobility. She generally won’t fall prey to his Discord Orb as well, since she’s usually in the back or in hiding.
  • Just like Widowmaker, Hanzo is another Overwatch sniper who can take out Zenyatta from long ranges. Zenyatta’s slow speed also makes him susceptible to Hanzo’s ultimate.
  • Zarya can remove Discord Orbs from her allies by using her barriers.
  • Torbjorn won’t be in much danger from the Discord Orbs since he isn’t really a frontline hero either. He can also refill any lost damage from the Orb with Molten Core.
  • Tracer is a very difficult character to hit with the Discord Orbs. Even if she does get hit, she can use her Recall ability to remove it.
  • Soldier 76 can hit Zenyatta quite reliably with his Helix Rockets. If he gets shot with a Discord Orb, the Sprint ability will allow him to hide and get it removed.

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