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Game of Thrones: Who Are The Tarlys?


Game of Thrones: Who Are The Tarlys?

You think you have family problems?

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We know from the Game of Thrones episode preview that we will finally meet Sam’s family for the first time. The Tarlys are one of the lesser known houses in the Game of Thrones universe, however they are one of the most important houses as well. The Tarlys aren’t referenced much in the show, only occasionally by Sam and once by Davos and Robert Baratheon. But because of their political alliances, strong leader, and well-trained army, the Tarlys will be a deciding factor in the second half of this season.

Using references from the show and information from George R. R. Martin’s books, this article will explain the importance of the Tarlys and the current members of the family.

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