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Former Art Teacher Builds His Own Epic Fallout Power Armor

Fallout, power armor, cosplay

Former Art Teacher Builds His Own Epic Fallout Power Armor

We’ll take 10!

A former art teacher from the UK has taken his love for the subject and geek-culture and gone all out, building one of the most impressive examples of real-life Fallout power armor we’ve ever seen.

Based on the T-60 power armor that you can pick up and wander the wasteland in the popular Fallout series, the creator has gone to serious lengths to ensure his version retains the classic weathered and worn effect.

The power armor features dual fully-functioning lights attached to the helmet, complete with the tubing from the now infamous T-60 power armor. We feel this wouldn’t feel out of place if we stumbled across it on our way down to Diamond City! What makes it even better, you don’t even need Fusion Cores to power it … just some AA’s. Oh, and if you were concerned you’d be left defenseless in the wasteland, it even comes with a mean-looking laser rifle.

Fallout 4, power armor, cosplay, Shipwreck Cosplay

This isn’t the only kind of cosplay that the teacher has completed either, with the rest of his family also getting involved in cosplay themselves. Between them, they’ve made a terrifying Big Daddy and Little Sister duo, a fully-equipped Team Fortress 2 Soldier,  and everyone’s favorite archaeologist, Indiana Jones.

We recently sat down with John and his son, Will, the other mind behind the creations, and talked about their latest works, how they got into cosplay, and whether or not John sees cosplay and gaming in the future of the educational curriculum. Be sure to check back with Twinfinite soon to catch the full interview.

What do you think of this power armor? Feel free to let us know below.


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