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Final Fantasy isn’t Very Popular Amongst Japanese Students

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Final Fantasy isn’t Very Popular Amongst Japanese Students

The more you know.

Now here’s a slight surprise. According to a survey done by NicoNico, and subsequently translated by Kotaku, the majority of Japanese college students have never played a Final Fantasy game. The survey was pretty simple – the students were asked if they had ever played a game from the Final Fantasy series, and if not, what their reasons were for that.

Have you ever played the Final Fantasy series game?

  • Yes: 119 people (29.7 percent)
  • No: 282 people (70.3 percent)

For those who said yes, the reasons were fairly commonplace. They played these games under the influence of a friend, family members, and some played it simply because the series was so popular in the media. As for those who said no, here are their reasons:

  • “Because it’s a genre I’m not interested in.”
  • “I’ve never really had any interest.”
  • “Because it doesn’t look fun.”
  • “Because I wasn’t allowed to play video games at home.”
  • “Because I don’t really play video games.”
  • “Because my parents were totally against video games. Personally, I really haven’t played that many video games.”
  • “I was interested but haven’t had the chance to buy one [a FF game].”
  • “I was a little interested, but it looks difficult, so I haven’t played it.”
  • “I don’t have a game console.”

So, it turns out Final Fantasy isn’t quite as popular amongst the Japanese youths as we might have initially thought. Huh. the more you know.

Thanks, Kotaku.

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