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Fallout 4: How to Get Curie


Fallout 4: How to Get Curie

The one and only

Curie is a companion that requires a bit of work to get in Fallout 4. Here’s what you have to do to have Curie by your side in the wasteland.

The Mrs. Handy robot is located in Vault 81, however, it’s not as easy as just walking into the Vault and finding her just in any old room. Instead, Curie is tucked away in one of the rooms in the secret area of Vault 81.

First up, you’ll need to head to Vault 81. There are no prerequisites that you must complete before heading there, just make sure you don’t go on some violent rampage once you’re in there. As soon as you walk in, let Austin take you on the tour. Once the tour is done, make your way over to the classroom and speaking to a girl called Erin. She’ll tell you that her cat has gone missing and will ask if you can help her find it.

Accept the quest and head out of the vault. There should be a marker showing where the cat is, but you’ll find it on the sidewalk next to the pond. Talk to the cat and it’ll run off and return to its worried owner. Make your way back to Vault 81, speak to Erin and then head to the healing facility nearby.

You’ll walk into a quarrel in the middle of the room. Austin has been bitten by a Mole Rat when wandering a secret area of Vault 81 and is seriously ill. Your mission, should you choose to accept the quest ‘Hole in the Wall’ is to explore this hidden area and find the cure. In doing so, you’ll also meet Curie, so prepare for a mini adventure! Follow Bobby to the hidden location in the vault. Once he’s opened the secret door, make your way along the path. There are a number of different enemies such as sentry guns and Protectrons guarding the way, but continue to make your way down the levels.

On the next floor, there will be a fair few Mole Rats that you’ll have to take care of. In this room, you’ll find a terminal which will open the closed door on the right side. Head on through and at the end of the corridor you’ll find a tape on a desk next to a terminal. Put the tape in the door terminal and you’ll be able to head in.

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Here, you’ll be able to see Curie floating around behind the window. Talk with her through the glass and explain that you’re part of the Vault-Tec crew. Curie will be relieved and will open the door. You can grab the medicine bobblehead off the desk, get the cure you were asked to fetch as part of the Hole in the Wall quest, and also recruit Curie as a companion.

That’s all there is to it. Have you got Curie in Fallout 4 yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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