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Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC Contains Hidden WWE Easter Egg

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Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC Contains Hidden WWE Easter Egg

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Deep in the nasty fog of Far Harbor there are a metric ton of references and secrets to discover. This is no surprise, Bethesda absolutely littered the vanilla game with intriguing easter eggs to movies like Alien, Titanic, and Blade Runner, so it’s obvious the DLC was going to be more of the same.

However, this particular easter egg is for fans of wrestling, concerning a famous family from the WWE roster.

Fallout 4

Whilst adventuring in Far Harbor you may come across Haddock Cove, a Mirelurk infested swamp in the south-western most part of the map. There are a series of cabins half-submerged in the water, a desolate outpost at sea. Wandering around the camp you will find various holotapes, detailing the exploits of Bray Husky and his brothers, Braun, Rowan and Luke.

Bray Husky is the amalgamation of Bray Wyatt and his former wrestling moniker in NXT, Husky Harris, and the names of his brothers are the other members of ‘The Wyatt Family’ – Luke Harper, Braun Stowman and Erick Rowan, who wrestle as a group.

Fallout 4

The holotapes detail them setting up the outpost in Far Harbor, then being overthrown and murdered in a grotesque manner by a bunch of pesky Mirelurks. Theres  a running joke in the tapes that Bray never knows how to turn the recording off, and the last one is him narrating his own death, unable to turn off the recording as he is torn apart by a Mirelurk. It makes for some funny listening, and the tapes really give the place a sense of story.

Fallout 4

You can find the Mirelurk nest in the high tower of one of the cabins, and the corpses in their final, murky resting place. There’s no notable loot, but it’s still a pretty dedicated Easter Egg for fans of the WWE!

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