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Dragon Quest Builders Gets a North American Release Date


Dragon Quest Builders Gets a North American Release Date

Happy 30th anniversary Dragon Quest!

Earlier today on the PlayStation Blog, Square Enix announced that they will be bringing Dragon Quest Builders to North America this October for the PS4 and the PS Vita.

The announcement was made as part of Dragon Quests 30th anniversary celebration and will be available both boxed and digitally for the PS4 version and only digitally for the PS Vita version.

Dragon Quest Builders provides a “what if” story where the main hero of Dragon Quest 1 was tempted to work for the evil Dragonlord. The two then plunged the world into darkness and the few surviving civilians are struggling to survive. This is where the new hero comes in, the Legendary Builder whose been awakened to rebuild the world.


Dragon Quest Builders is a sandbox, action RPG game where you will be able to build whatever you want in three easy steps, as noted by the PlayStation Blog:

  1. Plan what you’re going to build!
  2. Gather your resources!
  3. Begin construction and create your masterpiece!

Along with building whatever you want, Dragon Quest Builders also has an overarching story as well as plenty of side-quests and NPC for those of you looking for an RPG experience in your block building games. However, while rebuilding the world, the Dragonlord will try to stop you through an in-game system known as Monster Raids. Dragon Quest Builders monsters will include classic Dragon Quest enemies including the Slimes and Ghosts.

Are you excited to hear that Dragon Quest Builders is coming out in October? Let us know in the comments below.

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