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Double XP and Free Access to All Gods For Smite This Weekend


Double XP and Free Access to All Gods For Smite This Weekend

Back to the Smite grind

Double Everything Weekend for Smite will be here in just a few days. This weekend, console and PC players alike can enjoy double experience, worshiper, favor and fantasy points from May 13th to May 15th.

In addition to the double points, all of the gods will available to play for free as part of the Double Everything Weekend. This will be a great opportunity for players who were interested in purchasing gods or the founder’s pack but were not sure if it was worth it. This is a great way to test them all out for yourself.

Additionally, Xbox Silver players will get this addition starting today! All Xbox Silver players can enjoy all of the gods for free starting Wednesday May 11th until Monday May 16th. However, Xbox players still must wait until this weekend to enjoy the double points.

You can view the official website for more information.

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