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Doom: How to Equip Weapon Mods and Use Them

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Doom: How to Equip Weapon Mods and Use Them

In order to improve your weapons in Doom, you’ll need the help of mods. Here’s how to equip them and how to use them when in the heat of battle.

As you play through Doom, you’ll come across some little floating robots. These little guys are called Field Drones and will supply you with weapon mods. Literally all you have to do is go over to them and hit the R3 button. This will then allow you to choose which mod you want and it will automatically be equipped to your weapon.

If you’ve already got a mod equipped to your weapon and unlock another one, you’ll have to jump into the in-game menu by pressing the touchpad on PS4 or the Views button (one with the two screens) on Xbox One. When you’re in this menu, simply head over to the Arsenal menu and choose between the mods you have available. You can then press X on PS4 or ‘A’ on Xbox One to choose the mod you have selected.

In order to use these mods when you’re faced with a bunch of demons, all you have to do is hit the L2 button. You should then see your weapon’s crosshairs change, indicating that you’ll be using the weapon mod’s ability. Then fire your weapon as you normally would with L2/ LT still pressed down. Your weapon will fire using the mod’s ability and the demons won’t know what hit ’em.

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