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Destiny Unlimited Ammo Glitch Discovered By Players


Destiny Unlimited Ammo Glitch Discovered By Players

More Rockets. More Fun.

Destiny players have posted on the subreddit about a new glitch that causes sniper rifles, rocket launchers and other special weapons to gain unlimited ammo in both PvE and PvP. This glitch cannot be used on just any weapon, but in fact needs a specific pairing of perks, and has a 25% chance of working.

First you would need the Cocoon perk which can be found on every King’s Fall Raid weapon. The perk allows the weapon to automatically reload when stowed for a short time.  For your special weapons, you would need the Clown Cartridge as a perk, which has a 25% chance of a bigger magazine size by 20%. These extra rounds are bonus rounds and does not take away from your already existing reserve.  Turns out if you cycle between those two weapons with those two perks then, the game glitches out and allows weapons to have more ammo then they should. Of course, this will only happen 25% of the time because of the Clown Cartridge perk and might take some time to blow past the ammo limit.


The community manager for Bungie, Cozmo, did respond, stating the team knows of the glitch and was working on it. It wasn’t stated for how long they knew it was a glitch or if there is any timeline to when it will be fixed. Since the glitch does work in Destiny’s PvP many players on reddit are worrying how this will be exploited. Bungie has not made any other official statement as of this article other than what Cozmo posted.



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