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This Guy Makes Crazy Realistic Destiny Weapons

Destiny Gjallarhorn

This Guy Makes Crazy Realistic Destiny Weapons

Glowing Willbreaker swords, Gjallarhorns and more.

If you’ve ever wanted to lay hands on a real-life Hawkmoon or Gjallarhorn, then Eric Newgard is your man. He’s created almost a dozen Destiny weapons in the last year, and even a Golden Loot Chest.

You can scroll through some of Newgard’s weapon-work below. He does note that some of the weapons were made by others, and painted by himself.

But wait, there’s more. He also has a collection of Willbreaker swords that actually glow.

These real-life Destiny creations are all made using 3D printing and hand crafting techniques, and not without a little help from Newgard’s friends. He credits Zprops, Melodywise Cosplay, Vrogy, KJdesigns, and Soul_Origin89 for their help in the projects as well.

You can check out more from Newgard on his flickr page, where posts creations ranging from Halo helmets to Skyrim weapons.

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