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Dark Souls III Player Beats Every Boss Without Rolling, Blocking, Or Parrying

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Dark Souls III Player Beats Every Boss Without Rolling, Blocking, Or Parrying

A crazy new challenge for players who didn’t think Dark Souls III was tough enough.

The SoulsBorne fans are a brave bunch. Seconds after beating the latest Dark Souls, many players think to themselves, “That was so fun, let’s see if I can make the game even harder!” Usually, the natural progression from completing the game for the first time is met with a new game+ playthrough, then the truly sadistic can attempt a soul level one playthrough. But Reddit user tolomeorR decided to spice up his Dark Souls III challenge run (boss spoilers inbound):

Hey Reddit, I just finished a challenge run where I set out to see if it was possible to beat all of the bosses in this game without utilizing blocks, i-frames or parries.

The run took about 50-60 hours in total, with the three hardest bosses being Soul of Cinder, Nameless and the Twin Princes. Soul of Cinder alone took a solid ~15 hours of attempts.

I used the broadsword until I beat Champion Gundyr for the priestess ring which allows you to use Astora’s Straight Sword at soul level 1. For my rings, I usually ran Cloranthy, Flynn’s, Lloyd’s Sword ring and Priestess for the weapon.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

If this challenge sounds hard – it is. Take a look for yourself at his run against the Nameless King, an optional super boss.

Impressed? For those looking to to check out some of his other strategies against other bosses, check out his playlist here.

While this feat is impressive, what else does the Dark Souls community have in the works to wow the rest of the world? It’s only a matter of time before we get a no damage, soul level one, no weapon, no blocking, no dodging run. But in the mean time, we’ll relish and enjoy whatever self-imposed challenges arise.

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