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Civilization V: How to Win a Match and Beat the Game


Civilization V: How to Win a Match and Beat the Game

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Different Ways to Win

civilization v

Civilization V allows you full freedom of your very own civilization. Its advancement through the annals of human history will be entirely up to you and your own discretion; as such, you can decide how you want to win the game. It’s advised that, at the beginning of the game, you decide which way you’ll want to win so you can make preparations towards that, as it won’t be so quick and easy to get that victory. You’ll have a ton of things to keep in mind and work towards, and if you aren’t zeroing in on one kind of victory, you might find yourself wasting a lot of valuable time. Here are each type of victory conditions and how you can win the game with them. Some have been revamped thanks to Brave New World, so we’ll give you how to win in the base game as well as the revamping expansion for those victories.

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