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Bungie Adding Better Fireteam Recruitment to Destiny App


Bungie Adding Better Fireteam Recruitment to Destiny App

Better late than never.

One of the major issues that many fans have had with Destiny since its launch is the difficulty encountered when trying to find people to play with. Fortunately enough, third party sites like Destiny LFG have helped many Guardians find fellow heroes. But it looks like Bungie is finally taking the matter into its own hands with some upgrades to the current Destiny application.

The updates will take the existing Recruitment forum available on the app and add features such as requirements, skill level, platform choice, and other specific options to help organize a Fireteam. Other players will then be able to fill those spots and the app will update itself so there is no longer a mess of comments and confusion.


While the new features aren’t available just yet, the team over at Bungie did provide the above image along with others to show what users can expect when the updates start rolling out across devices. It’s good to see the developers finally responding to an issue that Destiny has had since it first released.

Do you feel this is a step in the right direction? Will you switch to the Destiny App for your Fireteam needs, or will you just stick to what you’ve been using? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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