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Battleborn: How to Beat Rendain


Battleborn: How to Beat Rendain


Rendain is the powerful Jennerit leader that has been giving the Battleborn hell. His dreams of ruling the universe lead him to stop at nothing when it comes to war. Destroying planets is a hobby, and mocking you the entire way through comes as second nature to this warrior.

With all of the boss fights in Battleborn’s story, Rendain’s easily proves to be the most difficult whether you’re alone or with a team. But difficult doesn’t mean impossible. All you need is to know what to expect and how to manage the battelfield.

The fight with Rendain takes place in an arena made up of all of the planets he has destroyed over the years. There are jump pads that allow you to move between each area to both avoid big attacks and go on the offensive. Although the designs of each side are very different, no single one gives any particular advantage. Just use them to create distance when needed, or to chase down large targets.

There is a very strong minion presence during this battle, as well. Unlike other boss battles where they seem to appear every now and then, there is a constant flow of Jennerit and Varelsi enemies. They can prove to be annoying if you let too many of the larger versions roam about. Go after those, as the smaller ones you can deal with whenever they get too close for comfort.

One thing to keep in mind throughout this final battle is to never stop moving. Rendain will try to lock you down so he can kill you, so keep out of reach when you’re not jumping in for some powerful attacks.

Now, let’s get into the specifics.

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