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7 Game Trophies/Achievements That Don’t Exist, but Really Should


7 Game Trophies/Achievements That Don’t Exist, but Really Should

These feats deserve some recognition.

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Getting a trophy or achievement has always acted as virtual documentation of just how accomplished you are as a gamer. Whether it’s beating a game on the highest difficulty, fulfilling a certain set of requirements, or carrying a damn lawn gnome through an entire game, trophies and achievements have always been there to extend the life of games well after the credits roll. They’re made to give a feeling of accomplishment and in many ways drive the competitive nature in all of us to get a higher score. Yet, there will always be those individuals that push video games well beyond their limits and do some truly remarkable tasks that are worthy of their own trophies.


Now all of these trophies will not have necessarily be accomplished, but if someone actually manages to pull this off, they should certainly receive a reward. These will be trophies that many of us wouldn’t undertake, but for those that do, there should at least be something to show for it! Here are seven trophies and achievements that don’t exist, but honestly should.

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