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WWE 2K16: How to Turn Face


WWE 2K16: How to Turn Face

Want to turn face in WWE 2K16? It’s not as easy as you think.

In professional wrestling, turning face (fancy talk for being the good guy) is pretty simple. You find the biggest, meanest guy in the ring and confront them for their dastardly ways. The process is fairly similar in WWE 2K16, but sometimes your path to righteousness can be complicated by the game’s mechanics.

You may be saying all the friendly words in the world when it’s your time on the microphone, but for some reason fans can’t help but keep booing you. While choosing friendly dialog options during backstage interviews is certainly an important part of the process, the best thing that you can do to really alter your alignment quickly is to make sure you are feuding with a heel currently. If the game is forcing you into a rivalry with a good guy, it’s important to use your backstage interviews to play off the rivalry without really insulting them. There is usually a dialog option that will support this.

Meanwhile, you will want to keep interview time as friendly as possible until the game either gives you the option to enter into a battle with a current heel or straight up asks you if you’ve been having a change of attitude lately.

It will take a lot of patience, but just keep being as good as possible before fully taking advantage of your chance to enter a rivalry with a heel in WWE 2K16.

This post was originally written by Matthew Byrd.

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