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Which of These 9 The Division Players Are You?


Which of These 9 The Division Players Are You?

There are so many different types of Agents.

A True The Division Agent

the division gameplay

The Division takes place in a New York City that has been ravaged by a biological attack. Players are tasked with trying to take back the city from those who have laid claim to it in its weakest hour, a fact that many players have forgotten. But there are those who have never forgotten their mission. They are here for one purpose, and one purpose only.

These are the players that do nothing but clear the streets and beat missions over and over in the hopes of creating a better tomorrow. They don’t care about loot, nor do they find joy in the Dark Zone killing their peers, they just want to make NYC safe again.

True agents are always down to run dailies and challenges, even if they aren’t exactly ready to do so. After all, there is a city to save, and it won’t wait for us to get better.

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