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War Thunder Accepts Subway Gift Cards as a Payment Option


War Thunder Accepts Subway Gift Cards as a Payment Option

If you’ve never associated online military warfare with Subway gift cards, you may soon.

If you – like so many of us – thought that your collection of Subway gift cards was only good for maximizing your Italian B.M.T intake, then you may be surprised to find that they are actually capable of purchasing digital versions of military-grade hardware. As noted by a Reddit user, it appears that the popular online combat game, War Thunder, allows players to purchase new tanks and airplanes from the game’s website with a Subway gift card. While this is certainly unusual given that the rest of the website’s accepted payment options are fairly traditional, it should be noted that War Thunder’s developers (Gaijin Entertainment) are based in Russia where Subways are apparently quite popular.

Subway Gift Cards

At the time of this revelation, Twinfinite was unable to test this checkout method as our own Subway gift cards had all been used for research purpose in a meatball marinara related story. Should other games began to accept popular fast food outlets gift cards as valid payment methods, though, we will be sure to update you at that time.

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This post was originally written by Matthew Byrd.

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