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The Walking Dead Finale Definitely Has GTA V’s Trevor

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The Walking Dead Finale Definitely Has GTA V’s Trevor

Wait…is that…

So you’re probably watching the finale to The Walking Dead’s sixth season, right? And that cold open definitely has you crapping your pants in fear, and for good reason. The Saviors are pretty dang terrifying, and it turns out that one of them may look familiar to you. That guy with the mustache who leads the other Saviors Rick and company come across during the first act? Turns out that’s Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V, something that a lot of people recognized almost instantly. 

Yes, seriously. Steven Ogg, the fan favorite sociopath of Rockstar’s open world epic, is now on the hit zombie show. And he definitely hasn’t lost a step going from video games to live action, since the first thing we see him do is a beat a guy to death and casually threaten Rick and company. Good to know that Ogg seems just as dangerous in real life as he does in video games! Hopefully The Walking Dead will let him off some zombies himself before they inevitably kill him…

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