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The Division: New Glitch Found in Falcon Lost Incursion

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The Division: New Glitch Found in Falcon Lost Incursion

When one glitch dies, another takes its place.

Ubisoft’s The Division is unfortunately still rife with bugs and glitches, even after being taken offline twice over the past week for various fixes.

A brand new glitch has reared it’s ugly head within the past few days, right after the game was taken offline on Thursday to fix the Falcon Lost incursion. This particular glitch allows players to effectively trick NPC enemy combatants into killing the final boss of the Falcon Lost incursion.

A Reddit user has taken advantage of this, laying out a guide to beating the incursion by allowing the NPC’s to kill each other. The guide follows:

  • Form your team and get to the boss fight area; don’t jump down, don’t get seen by mobs.
  • Have one teammate go out and go to the nearest safehouse.
  • Use mobile cover to glitch through texture and get the “You are out of the map” notification. Before you get teleported, fast travel to a teammate.
  • You should now fall through the map and land on top of the APC (or close to it).
  • Use sticky bombs to damage the mobs and get their attention.
  • Turrets cannot damage you since there’s an invisible wall between you and the rest of the room.
  • Enemies should now throw grenades at you, but will instead hit the APC.

The user then makes it clear that the team should attempt to keep the enemy grenadiers alive at all costs, as this will allow them to destroy the APC much quicker. In addition to this, the trick can be repeated however often the player likes.

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