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The Culling: How to Get a Gun

The Culling

The Culling: How to Get a Gun

The best form of defence is a good offence. Get yourself armed and survive The Culling

Guns are the greatest form of defense in The Culling, but are also very rare. They allow you to take out enemies from range, and are a huge upgrade from the crafted melee weapons and the inaccuracy of the bow. However, finding one can be quite tricky.

There are only three available guns in the game, which are the .357 Magnum, the Rifle, and the SMG. What’s harder is that the only way to reasonably acquire them (beyond murderous theft) is to make them part of your personal air drop.

Here are the Airdrops containing guns:

  • Five-Oh
  • Pirate
  • Sniper
  • Hunter
  • Bandito
  • S.W.A.T

A few select perks could also help you with your gun hunt.

  • Moneybags – Gain +2 bonus F.U.N.C each time F.U.N.C is gathered
  • Load Dropper – Airdrops arrive instantly
  • Stealthy – Movement and crafting are nearly silent

So, once you’ve unlocked them and assigned your perks, all you have to do is raise the F.U.N.C to the required amount to call in your Airdrop, and defend it with your life! Further, to replenish ammo once you’ve ran out, you’ll have to find an explosive barrel and pay 75 F.U.N.C to restock. Good luck!

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