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The Culling: What Does FUNC Stand for?

The Culling

The Culling: What Does FUNC Stand for?

In the ruthless hunger games simulator, The Culling, F.U.N.C, or Flexible Universal Nano Compound, is an ambiguous resource that essentially acts as the currency within the arena. It is the backbone of the crafting and air drop systems in the game, and is the key to your survival!

There are many ways to acquire F.U.N.C in The Culling, and varied amounts that are distributed for each type of activity.

  • Using Stimpaks (2)
  • Entering a building (5)
  • Opening Item Crates (5)
  • Finding remains (5)
  • Walking 500 meters (5)
  • Activating Gas Tanks (5)
  • Using F.U.N.C Barrels (15)
  • Finding another contestant for the first time (5)
  • Attacking a contestant (Variable)
  • Killing another contestant (Gain their F.U.N.C)

F.U.N.C also has a variety of applications, like calling in your own personal Airdrop, which depending on which Airdrop you pick, costs a different amount of F.U.N.C. Furthermore, it is also used to open special blue crates found across the map, which can provide an assortment of rare weapons.

F.U.N.C is also the fuel behind the crafting system, and the game allows you to recycle the objects you find in the environment into F.U.N.C at stations dotted around the map. It costs a small amount of F.U.N.C to craft weapons and items, breaking them down to be reassembled into something more useful. You can also heal using F.U.N.C at medical stations, where it costs 1 F.U.N.C per second to heal 2 HP per second

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