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The Collider 2 Review


The Collider 2 Review

The Collider 2 on PC

One of the best things in gaming is when a simple idea is well-executed enough to create something engaging. The Collider 2, a third-person infinite runner, is a wonderful example. With easy controls, a straightforward concept, and some high-speed action, this no-frills space adventure is incredibly easy to pick up and fun to play. Throw in a variety of mission types and some online leaderboards, and you’ve got a great way to kill some time and enjoy yourself.

The Collider 2 puts players in control of a high-tech spacecraft deployed against a massive alien mothership in an attempt to save the planet below. In the mission mode, you’ll be tasked with scouting the enemy, striking a blow against it, or collecting rare artifacts. Despite the varying objectives, play is roughly the same for each mission. Players will take off, soar through the alien ship’s corridors, and try to make it out alive.

For Collider 2’s destroy and collect missions, players will have to either aim at or collect targets along the ride. Most of the gameplay, though, is focused on scout missions. These are screaming-fast speedruns through the opposition’s space, with victory reliant on making it through as quickly as possible. To help this, players are equipped with boosters and may find useful power-ups along the way to help them progress.

Collider 3 Security Door

The power-ups in Collider 2 are likely to be familiar to most infinite-runner fans. There’s a shield granting temporarily invulnerability, booster coolant that prevents overheating, and a coin magnet to help gather funds for upgrades. Purchasing these upgrades, of course, gives players some much-needed help in pushing through the latter missions. New ships, paint jobs, and more also await those who build their fortunes up enough.

While the early Collider 2 play focuses on missions, once players rack up enough experience, they’ll unlock the game’s real gem: survival mode. Here, players get the opportunity to take on a truly-unending mission, pitting their scores against others across the globe. Giving extra points for the use of boosters, and allowing players to rack up insane scores and experience, this is easily the best portion of the game. Weekly online tournaments reward those who can prove their skills.

Collider 2 Sentry Battle

Adding yet another layer to Collider 2 is the game’s native support of both Steam VR and HTC Vive. While I didn’t have the opportunity to try this myself, the general consensus seems to be positive. If not for a few minor menu bugs and a somewhat poorly-scaled upgrade cost slope, the entire package would be a near-perfect way to jump into the genre and enjoy an immersive, easily approached challenge.

All things considered, Collider 2 is an easy recommendation for those who either love the sprint-runner genre or are simply looking for a great timekiller. The simple pick-up-and-play blends well with the game’s increasing challenges, and the online tournament mode is a great buy-in for the competitive among us. With this great addition and the available VR support, there’s little doubt that the game is worth the $9.99 price on Steam.

Score: 4/5


  • Frantic, high-speed play.
  • Online tournaments with in-game rewards.
  • VR support.


  • A few weird menu-related glitches.
  • Poorly-scaled upgrade cost increase.

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