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Survivor Mode Coming to Far Cry Primal


Survivor Mode Coming to Far Cry Primal

Prepare yourselves.

Ubisoft recently announced that Survivor Mode will be coming to Far Cry Primal on April 12, in a free update for all players.

In a new blog post from the company themselves, Far Cry Primal game director Thomas Simon revealed that Survivor Mode would bring an increased difficulty for the game, challenging players with the addition of “permadeath” and a second-chance option that gives players a backup life to use, which can be replenished only at certain points through the game.

In the video that you can see below, Simon further expands on what Survivor Mode entails, revealing that the aforementioned “permadeath” feature will be available to users playing the game in all levels of difficulty. The update will also bring a brand new stamina gauge to Far Cry Primal, which will slow the player down significantly when it is depleted, and it used up every time the player fast travels. The only way to replenish this stamina gauge is through having protagonist Takkar sleep within the game.

Survivor Mode will launch in a free update for all Far Cry Primal players on Windows 10, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, on April 12.

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