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What Is Star Fox Guard? Everything You Need to Know


What Is Star Fox Guard? Everything You Need to Know

All the details you need to know!

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What Is It?

Star Fox Guard, everything you need to know, release date, price, what it is

When Nintendo announced the release date for the upcoming Wii U game, Star Fox Zero, they also announced that Star Fox Guard would be coming to Wii U owners, as well.

Star Fox Guard is actually the finished version of a tech demo that Miyamoto had shown at an E3 press conference a few years ago. Tasking players with defending Slippy’s uncle, Grippy, from enemies trying to attack him when he’s gathering rare metals in space. You’ll have to use ¬†Slippy’s newly invented security system to ward off these enemies. This comprises of 12 cameras, all set up in various locations to help you keep an eye out for enemies heading toward the mining site you’re protecting.

You’ll have to tap the corresponding camera on the Wii U GamePad to see the entrances and shoot the oncoming enemies. To keep you on your toes, however, there are a number of different robots that will test your shooting skills. Some robots carry shields, others trigger smoke bombs, and some steal your cameras.

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