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Squid Sisters Callie and Marie Are Among New Series of Splatoon amiibo

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Squid Sisters Callie and Marie Are Among New Series of Splatoon amiibo

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Nintendo has just revealed through social media that five new amiibo will be joining the three that already exist in the Splatoon range. Currently there are the standard color Inkling Boy and Inkling Girl, as well as the green Squid.

As of July 8 you’ll be able to take home two brand new designs, that of the Squid Sisters themselves, Callie and Marie.

That’s not all though. The original Splatoon trio of amiibo will be receiving new color variants. The new Inkling Girl amiibo, whose original design sported bright orange tentacles and pink shoes, will feature lime green tentacles and slick black footwear. The Inklink boy, originally blue-tentacled with dark purple shoes, will be released with striking purple tentacles and shiny gold shoes. The green squid from before will now have a brother in the new orange squid amiibo.

The newly colored trio will maintain the same functionality in-game as the original set; the change is purely aesthetic. Callie and Marie, however, come equipped with a new bag of tricks. Tapping them into your Splatoon game will allow you to watch a variety of Squid Sister concerts, even offering brand new songs not previously in the game. There don’t seem to be any new challenges or unlockable items up for grabs here, but it still sounds like a fun time.

For now Callie and Marie will only be available together as a 2-pack, retailing for $24.99. The new Inkling trio is the same story as the originals. The 3-pack will retail for $34.99, and will currently be the only way to obtain the orange squid amiibo. Meanwhile the boy and girl Inklings will each be available individually for the standard retail price of $12.99.

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